Our Role

The Association of Quality Holiday Cottage Agencies is a collection of some of the best holiday cottage agencies in Britain. All our members commit to a shared set of standards so customers can be assured of a quality service wherever they see our Quality Holiday Cottage Agency logo.

Shared Commitment to Quality

Our majority of our members are family run holiday cottage agencies and all have a strong commitment to quality. The choice of holiday cottages they offer comes from selectively adding to their portfolio those properties which they think will be appriciated by those of their customers who return year after year.

All our members have also undertaken to adhere to the standards of the Association of Quality Holiday Cottage Agencies which ensures the best standards of customer care and has been compiled through the adoption of best practices.

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Keeping Everyone Up-to-date

The association also works hard to ensure that our members are up-to-date on the latest issues to affect the industry. We keep abreast of the latest changes, inform members of what is relevant to their business, and allowing them to focus on serving their customers.

The Benefits of Acting Together

By working together we hope to highlight marketing opertunities, negotiate deals with suppliers, and lobby on behalf of the industry.